You can stare all night long Nick + Manuel by Alisson Marks

Fashionably Male

Once you get started you can’t sit down, come and joy the latest work that radiates sensuality, manhood and fashion all at the same time.

Two gorgeous Italian hunks stand before you (can you imagine?) models Nick Flag and Manuel Greco posing shirtless, naked, and styling by the incredible fashionista Stefano Guerrini and photographed by Alisson Marks, who recently are dropping the hottest snaps you can’t imagine at Milan.

So Nick is the model with no tatts, (only one on his chest) and Manuel is the one with more tattoos. Both living in Milan, fitness models and they making crazy to all the people who follow their Instagram accounts.

Alisson Marks and Stef Guerrini they have created the most sexy and iconic images around the web so far, like we just saw a few months ago with Paolo who’s now posing for the lens of others in the states. Which…

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