Professional Integrity!

ReNude Pride

Dressed for success!

In all likelihood, I am in the same situation of the overwhelming majority of us: I have to work in order to live. Unfortunately, my job as a university professor is unable to allow me to fulfill my obligations in my true role as a bare practitioner. Hence, the “header image” (photograph) above!

Luckily, there exists no officially mandated “standard of attire” (dress code) for the academic faculty. We are all encouraged to maintain “professional integrity” as representatives of the university. Our physical appearance and personal behavior are expected at all times to comply with the university’s established guidelines and mission statements – as determined by the U.S. Congress. This institution has a congressional charter to function.

As an alumnus of this same university, many of my colleagues are aware that as an undergraduate, I worked on an “as needed” basis as a nude model for art…

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