ReNude Pride

Daymin Voss, very bare and very hairy!

The subject and title of today’s entry here directly relate to the winter season here in the Northern Hemisphere. The fur references body hair and to that is added the ending of the word controversy – my word-play introduction for today’s theme. In the opening photograph (above), our brother bare practitioner (same gender loving naturist/nudist) and adult film actor, Daymin Voss, appears here again representing the very hirsute endowed. It is quite obvious that a razor hasn’t been held in his hands over a long period of time!

Normally, Daymin – like myself – only shaves his facial and head hair. The remainder of his body hair is all generously natural and profuse and has been that way almost all of his adult life.

A relaxing Daymin Voss!

He acknowledges that he has received criticism and ridicule publicly in the media and…

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