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Junior Rodriguez1Junior Rodriguez2Junior Rodriguez3Junior Rodriguez4Junior Rodriguez5Junior Rodriguez6Junior Rodriguez7Junior Rodriguez8Junior Rodriguez9Junior Rodriguez10Junior Rodriguez11Junior Rodriguez12Junior Rodriguez13Junior Rodriguez14

Here is the new photoshoot by Mexico City based Photographer German Armenta taking pictures of our new Petit Q underwear collection. The model is the sexy mexican Junior Rodriguez.

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You can stare all night long Nick + Manuel by Alisson Marks

Fashionably Male

Once you get started you can’t sit down, come and joy the latest work that radiates sensuality, manhood and fashion all at the same time.

Two gorgeous Italian hunks stand before you (can you imagine?) models Nick Flag and Manuel Greco posing shirtless, naked, and styling by the incredible fashionista Stefano Guerrini and photographed by Alisson Marks, who recently are dropping the hottest snaps you can’t imagine at Milan.

So Nick is the model with no tatts, (only one on his chest) and Manuel is the one with more tattoos. Both living in Milan, fitness models and they making crazy to all the people who follow their Instagram accounts.

Alisson Marks and Stef Guerrini they have created the most sexy and iconic images around the web so far, like we just saw a few months ago with Paolo who’s now posing for the lens of others in the states. Which…

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Here’s a hot session with Julien Lacroix thanks to Karl Simone

Fashionably Male

Finally we have our Monday Motivation thanks to Karl Simone sharing new updated hot session with mode Julien Lacroix from New York Models.

Julien is based in Montreal, Canada but back and forth to New York City, the model of 6’2″ is vegan and has a broad awareness of the planet.

Julien’s work has been transcended because of photographers Joe Lally and Rick Day has been captured him in the Big Apple.

So, Julien and Karl connected in NYC and let’s find out the hot session we have for you:

Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone1Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone2Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone3Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone4Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone5Julien Lacroix by Karl Simone6

Photography Karl Simone @karl_simone
Model Julien Lacroix @juliendlacroix

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Hot Men in Wet Speedos_00001 Hot Men in Wet Speedos

We see more and more men in speedos as the Heat wave is reaching our coasts and our mind is submerged by this hot vision of amazing bodies in such a tiny piece of wet clothe. Let’s the heat goes on, let’s the heartbeat grow in our chest. That’s the nice side and gay side of summer!

Hot Men in Wet Speedos_00002 Hot Men taking his  Wet Speedos off

Collection: Hotties in Speedos Hot Men in Wet Speedos (Ian Torres)

Hot Men in Wet Speedos_00004 Hot Men in Wet Red Speedos (Swimmer)

Hot Men in Wet Speedos_00005 Hot Men in Wet Red Speedos (Pedro Aboud, from Brazil)

Hot Men in Wet Speedos_00006 Hot Men in Wet Speedos

Collection: Hotties in SpeedosCollection: Hotties in SpeedosCollection: Hotties in Speedos

Collection: Hotties in Speedos Hot Men in Wet Speedos

Collection: Hotties in Speedos Hot Men in Wet Speedos

Hot Men in Wet Speedos_00012 Hot Men in Wet Speedos

Hot Men in Wet Speedos

Hot Men in Wet Speedos

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يعلم كثير منا الأهمية البالغة لفيتامين C وD لأجسامنا، لكن ما لا يعرفه الكثيرون أن فيتامينB12 لا يقل أهمية عنهما، وأن نقصانه بالجسم يمكن أن يؤدي إلى العديد من المشاكل الصحية. يلعب فيتامين B12 دوراً هاماً في تكوين خلايا الدم الحمراء، هذا فضلاً عن دوره الحيوي في كفاءة أداء الجهاز العصبي. وتشمل المصادر الرئيسية لهذا…

via هذا الأمر قد يدل على نقص فيتامين B12 — مجلة حياتك