NUDE MEN TOGETHER (warning: nsfw and ffn)

i kike these sexy pictures


This blog is dedicated to the male beauty and the same-sex togetherness but not to pornography.

We consider that the male nudity and men being together showing their friendship and love is part of what we would like to share with our viewers. Nevertheless when we publish posts like this one where men are together and are naked and sometime cuddling we are still within our scope but we just warn viewers that the pictures can be labelled as NSFW (Non Suitable For Workplace) and/or include full frontal nudity (FFN).

This being said, let’s jump to this adorable guys happy to be together and confortable to be naked!

Nude Men Together_00001 Men together


Face to face

Country boys together

Twins together

Outdoor boys

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Halloween Prelude #1: Costumed Nude

this is freedom n america

ReNude Pride

For some strange reason, Halloween is an unofficial holiday that promotes varying degrees of  antisocial and awkward behavior among people, especially here in the USA. First, there are those parents who force their offspring to dress in bizarre and often frightening costumes so that they can go out and solicit candy treats from strangers. These unsuspecting youth are taught to intimidate these same strangers with the taunt: “Trick or treat!” Implying that if you don’t give us a treat, we’ll play a trick (prank) on you.

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Friday #3: Bare GLBTQ History Month

ReNude Pride

This is the third installation published on ReNude Pride in honor of October as GLBTQ History Month not only in the USA but also in Australia and Canada. The theme for this week’s featured series is Gay Photographer, Gay Models. This post offers a departure from the earlier postings in this series as both the photographer and his subjects were gay at a time when simply acknowledging being same gender loving was illegal throughout the world. The were no “safe havens” from the law or prosecution.

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